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Saddle Up For Christ

World's Largest Rodeo Clinic



SUFC is dedicated to giving athletes the competitive edge for success in helping with mental stamina, physical endurance and personal growth, driving each individual to be Epic. Our team of coaches, professional athletes, licensed counselors, fitness experts, nutritionists, and life coaches make it possible to provide this platform. Our clinics are designed to teach everyone from beginner to pro level competitor. 

 Events include: Bull Riding, Roughstock, Calf Roping, Breakaway, Barrel Racing and Team Roping. We will be having a Barrel Race with Added Money and also a Team Roping. Make plans to attend.  Be sure to check out our calendar for all SUFC Clinics. 




Stevi Hillman              Lisa Lockhart        Coleman Proctor        Stan Smith                JW Hart

Hailey Kinsel              PJ Burger               Jake Long                   KC Jones                  Austin Meier

Tammy Fischer           Mary Burger          Speed Williams          CR Bradley          Bobby Griswold

Kay Blandford           Tana Poppino         Clay Smith                  Lari Dee Guy             Cody Custer

Kappy Allen               Kristy Peterson      Luke Brown                Kelsie Chase             Heath Ford

Tami Burklund           Jana Bean               Paul Eaves                 Hope Thompson       Winn Ratliff

Jackie Jatzlau            Michelle McLeod    Buddy Hawkins         Rob Pierce           Justin McDaniel

Annesa Self               Janet Stover            Justin Parish            

Jean Winters              Kimmie Wall            Allen Bach

Taci Bettis                              ***Plus a Host of other dedicated professional athletes ***